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Infographic: Modern Technology to Warm an Older Home

Published on April 11, 2016 by Danko Puskaric in Property Infographics

The homes built in the early part of the 20th Century, and before are still great to live in. They have a sense of attachment to them, just like old cars. But when the winter arrives, keeping them warm, and making them energy efficient can be difficult. So at CastIronRadiators4U have come up with few tips to make your old home as heat efficient as possible, using modern technology.

Older homes also have a lot of maintenance costs involved, whenever you are trying to renovate it, or redesign something. If it’s the only home that you own, you have to face these costs. Modern homes are built to make them more cost efficient. Thus the technology used in modern homes to keep them warm is something that we can adapt into our old homes.

Here are some steps that you can help use modern technology for older homes:

Insulating an old home’s roof:

  1. Stop the heat escaping through your chimney, since in some houses 4-5% of the heat is lost through the chimney.
  2. Properly insulate your loft.
  3. Use permeable insulation.

Insulating windows and doors:

  1. Install secondary glazing for original windows, it provides insulation while preserving the original windows.
  2. Have draught-proof doors.

Insulating solid walls:

  1. Adding internal insulation would thicken walls from the inside, keeping in the heat.
  2. External wall insulation would save internal space, but it alters external look of the building.

Smart Heating:

  1. Smart heating gives your complete control over your house’s heating. You can control your heating from your phone.
  2. It helps you lower electricity bills and reduce the consumption.

These are the few tips, for more tips you can take peek into our infographic. We hope that this infographic proves to be helpful to your cause, and let you keep older homes warmer and beautiful.

Infographic modern technology to warm old home

About the author
Danko PuskaricDanko is IT professional with big passion about properties from young age. He is based in Manchester where he actively investing in properties and helping others to sell their houses.

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