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The service that Genuine Property Buyers offers is nothing short of a miracle! My house had been on the market for 11 months. My agent kept giving me the run-around with the usual list of excuses. Although there were a good number of enquiries about the house, but there was no sale. Then I thought, enough was enough, and contacted Genuine Property Buyers. It was first class customer service from the very beginning! To cut a short story even shorter, they found me a cash buyer within just a few weeks! I thought it would take at least a few months! In fact, the whole buying process was completed in 4 weeks flat. Cheers for an exceptional service!

— George Ellingson


I don’t even know where to start. Thanks to you, I have been able to start my life again. Genuine Property Buyers came through for me in a big, big way by helping me avoid repossession. There are not too many companies that genuinely value their clients like you do and I appreciated your professionalism, honesty and dedication. I’m pleased to say that I was completely satisfied with the outcome and I’m happy to recommend your service very highly.

— Robert Stewart


Due to severe financial constraints, I was looking to sell my property, but the problem was I was in negative equity. I tried to obtain help from various sources but all I met, were dead ends. Just when I thought I was about to go under, I found and decided to give them a shot. Best decision I ever made! I was blown away by the solution and they acted immediately!  Their service is brilliant! My only regret is not finding them sooner. I could have saved myself all the stress and sleepless nights. I’m indebted to you Genuine Property Buyers!

Colleen Brashear


Due to a new and lucrative job offer that I had recently accepted, I was forced to relocate at the last minute. While I’m certainly comfortable financially, most of my money is tied up in investments and other endeavours. I wasn’t very liquid. I was in desperate need of some money in order to make an offer on a new home that was near my new place of work in Yorkshire. As a result, I had no time to waste in selling my home. I’ve had bad experiences in the past with estate agents due to the fact that it dragged on forever before I was able to complete all of the necessary paperwork and have an offer that was to my liking. Thankfully, I discovered Genuine Property Buyers off of a recommendation from a friend. Their easy sign-up process meant that I only had to spend a little bit of time telling them what I wanted and what I was looking for. They answered all of my questions and within a few days, I started to have offers being made from reputable investors. Just a few weeks later, we had an offer secured and completed. The entire process was completely professional, and all payments were made in time. If I’m ever in a similar situation, I plan on using them again!

— Mark S.
Yorkshire, UK


I was quite frustrated in not having any luck in selling my place, simply because I seemed to be getting the run around from different companies and agents. Offers never came as fast as they should have, and I kept finding more hidden costs that these “companies” required. I talked to my wife, and we both decided that we wanted to go a different route and sell it privately. She did a search and found this site. The skeptical person that I am, I called Genuine Property Buyers to see if they were competent. They got back to me almost immediately and we had quite a long chat about the money I was looking to receive and my past experiences in getting a solid offer. When I filled out their forms, I expected that it would take a week or so, but got called back the next day with the first investor lined up. We sold the place in just 27 days! If I had gone through them sooner, I wouldn’t have been in this mess to start with! I am thinking about using them for another small property that we have, but that’s no rush. Lovely group of people. Aces all around. My wife and I thank you!

— Steven Kefster
Manchester, UK

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