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Selling your House after a Divorce

Selling House After DivorceIt’s a sad fact of life, but many coupled who are married end up experiencing irreconcilable differences and this ultimately ends in the decision to get a divorce. This in itself can be stressful enough but there are also many other things that you have to consider when you get divorced such as what to do about assets such as your house. Selling your house after a divorce is something that you may have to address and in order to ensure that both parties can move on as quickly as possible it is important to get the property sold as quickly as possible.

Selling your house after a divorce is just one of many things that you will have to deal with during this difficult time, and the faster you can get this done the less of a burden it will be. Some couples who go through a divorce decide to go down the regular route of getting an estate agent on board to deal with the sale. However, this can cause huge delays when you are selling your house after a divorce, and this can impact on the overall stress relating to the divorce as it means things drag on for months on end.

Getting assistance with selling your house after a divorce

While divorce is never going to be easy, you can ease the strain by getting help with selling your house after a divorce. Selling your property quickly can become a real challenge in the current climate, which is why some couples who split up look at other alternatives. With the right help you can sell your house without delay following your divorce making it easier to draw a line and move forward.

We can provide you with the assistance you need when you are going through a divorce, as we can get you an offer on your property within just 48 hours and your house could be sold in as little as 28 days as opposed to an average three to six months if you go through an estate agent. You also get to avoid many common house sale fees such as valuation and solicitor fees, all of which can prove costly particularly when you already have to cope with other costs relating to your divorce.

You do not have to have equity in your home in order to benefit from our assistance, as we can still provide and our service is available to you at no cost. All you need to do is complete the no obligation form online or simply call us and speak to a member of the friendly team for more advice.

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