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Deal with Problem Tenants

Landlord: Problems with tenantsRenting out your house can be a good way to make some extra money. However, this job can become very difficult and time consuming. Tenants might stop paying their rent and you have to go through an eviction process. You might have the phone ringing in the middle of the night to report that the boiler broke, or you may have to face constant repairs. Sometimes you even have to deal with problem tenants. If you are a landlord, you may have had clients who did not pay their rent or even destroyed the property before moving out, leaving you with huge repair costs!

When a tenant stops paying rent due to a job loss or any other reason, it can take up to 3 months for you to have that tenant evicted. Meanwhile, you will be paying the mortgage payment without any rent money to cover it. Additionally, 99% of bad tenants will destroy your furniture and leave you to clean and repair the property before you can rent it out again. On today’s market, your property can stay empty for some time, leaving you without rent for months. If you want to stay out of trouble with the lender, you need to make sure that you have a cash buffer to make those mortgage payments while the house is unoccupied.

Maybe you bought an under performing property, and instead of earning money, you are loosing it. There are many buy-to-let investors who need to spend their own money every month to cover all mortgage payments, service charges, agency fees etc.
When it becomes difficult to maintain your rental properties, it may be time to sell and use the money to do what you really would like.

Mr.Stevenson owned 3 houses that he had been renting out for years without any major problems. However, he had a few bad tenants and then got tired of having to travel around to make repairs and was just fed up with renting out his properties. He was getting older and Mr. Stevenson just wanted to retire and travel.

He looked into listing his properties on the market and saw the statistics. He did not want to have to wait maybe a whole year to pursue his dream and travel the world. After some online research, he found himself at our website. He filled out the online form and in less then 48 hours we were on the phone to him quoting several offers for his rental properties. He was able to rid himself of those properties and get the money he wanted to travel the world.

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