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Problems with Health

problems-with-healthSelling a home is never easy. So many issues come up during the process. You have to advertise, pay fees and put up with endless paper work. However if you are selling a home because yourself or a loved one is ill, it becomes even harder. Not only do you have the headache from just selling the house, you also aren’t feeling well or are working hard to care for your ill loved one. Selling your home becomes a challenge, adding to what you are already experiencing.

A house can end up being on the market for up to a year due to the current state of the housing market. If you are sick and need money or need to move, you do not have a year to wade through the mess of selling a home. A year is a long time to wait to be able to focus on your health or your loved one’s. You might even be ill to the point of needing a home that does not have stairs or that has a specially equipped toilet and bathtub. How will you get up and down the stairs and use facilities that are not safe for you for an entire year?

Harry was in his home for 52 years when his health began to decline. He needed a smaller home with no stairs and funds to pay for a carer. He listed the house on the market with an estate agent and began to wait. He waited for several months. Meanwhile, living in his home became more and more difficult. Finally his daughter stepped in and sold his house with us so he could get the cash he needed and have the peace of mind that his home was sold. Harry is now living in a home with no stairs, with all required facilities and he is able to pay for a carer. He loves his new home, and he is now able to focus on his health and his grandchildren.

How Can We Help

If you (or someone you care for) are ill, you cannot afford to wait for the estate agent to sell your house, which may take anywhere between 3 up to 18 months, we can get your house sold very quickly and offer you the best possible price.

We can help even if there is little or no equity in your home. We can get cash in your hands in weeks rather than months and eliminate the stress of selling you home.

Do not add unneeded stress to an already difficult situation. Get your home sold so you can focus on tending to you and your family. Give us a call or fill out our simple online form and we will get your house assessed, sold and money in your pocket.

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