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A Novice’s Guide to Selling Their House Privately Online

Published on November 14, 2016 by TheHouseShop in Selling

The times are difficult for the property market. Home sales were already hard enough before Brexit; now it may seem that the situation is a bit more cumbersome. Nevertheless, some people are still able to sell their homes because they are going about it in a savvier way.

Have you ever tried to sell your home privately online? It is faster and eliminates delay or bureaucracy associated with too many middle-men. Putting your house up for sale online also exposes you to a wider audience because people search online first when they want to buy.

If you want to sell your house privately online follow these steps:

Figure your financial status and valuate your house

If your house is on a mortgage, let your lender know you are planning to sell your home. This is because you would need to know how much you owe- and if there are penalties for redemption. You also need to get a valuation on what your house is currently worth so you can calculate how much you’ll have left after paying off your mortgage.

For original homeowners who want to sell privately online, you can skip the process mentioned and go straight to property valuation. The House Shop has a free property valuation service to help you analyse your home based on a number of factors. Note: in the early stages the figures will be an estimate.

Decide the price

After valuation, it is time to set a price and advertise online. With an idea of you how much you owe on your mortgage and the current market value of your home, you can do some calculations to determine an asking price. An expert can help you so you don’t have any regrets later.

Do some thorough research on the local market first. The price of your home will also depend on the current situation of the market, its location, age and conditions. Take into consideration that a buyer will negotiate any amount, so you may want to add a 5% or 10% mark-up.


Since you will be selling your house privately online, the first thing people see are the photographs. To get them interested at first glance, invest in a good photographer. Make sure you capture your home from beautiful angles; a picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words. Imagine what 10 lovely photos are worth.

Ensure you take both outdoor and interior photos. Some people may be interested in the landscape, while others will be more concerned about the interior. If your walls look too dull, consider retouching with paint. Furnish your online page with the details. Use great descriptions to attract buyers, too.

Prepare your home

When you advertise your house online, you are likely to get enquiries for visits immediately, so it is important to have your property in order first. Avoid performing any renovations to “increase” the value, chances are they might discourage potential buyers instead. Focus on activities like cleaning, removing excess clutter and adding a fresh coating of paint to the interior.

If you have any broken gutters, you should mend them. Get rid of bad odours and check your sewers. Many prospective home buyers have been put off by foul-smelling homes. On the viewing day, light a fire to keep it warm and bake bread or cookies to give it that cosy feel.

Get a solicitor

Selling a property has its legal aspects; drafting contracts, deeds, terms and conditions and so on. You can’t do these on your own. Hire a professional solicitor to tie up these ends to avoid legal situations in future. If you don’t know any, the online estate agency can provide a property solicitor for you.

Accept an Offer

Fill out a number of questionnaires or forms for your prospective buyers. This should help determine whom you would be selling your house to. The information is important, especially for people with emotional attachment to their property.

As soon as you get a satisfactory offer, accept it. This must be done formally -that’s where your solicitor comes in. After all the paper work is concluded, instruct your online estate agent to take the property off the “online” market.

Make sure you have a place to move into after selling your house online. It would be a shame to be “homeless” the next couple of days. Good luck.

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