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Published on October 10, 2013 by Michael Smith in News, Selling

Not long ago, an adult brother and sister inherited a house. The brother and sister were very close but they each had their own lives, kids and families. The brother was named David and the sister was named Carrie. Both Carrie and David were in need of money from the house that they had inherited but both were very busy and did not have time to prepare the house to be sold.

David asked many of his friends, “How do I get someone to buy my house without me having to put the time and money into getting it ready to show?” but none of them knew. Carrie also asked her co-workers, “How can I get someone to buy my house quickly without me spending the money on repairs?” but none of them knew how to get the house sold.

The brother and sister knew that it takes a lot of work to prepare a house to be seen by potential buyers. They would have to redecorate, pay for repairs and keep the house perfectly clean, every day, for at least 3 months. Carrie did not wish to clean the house and David had no desire to make any repairs. Carrie’s son needed money for college and David had a business that he wanted to use the money to jump start. They needed the house sold quickly and were becoming more and more concerned that they would have to spend both time and money in getting the house ready to sell.

The Right People to “Buy My House”

Luckily, before David and Carrie started to spend any money, Carrie had done some online research and came across Genuine Property Buyers. She gave us a call and asked, “Can you buy my house?” and we answered with a resounding “Yes.” We were able to get Carrie and David an offer on their inherited property within 48 hours. In 28 days the house was sold and out of Carrie and David’s hair.

With a quick cash sell, there is no need to do repairs or buy decorations to impress potential buyers. We buy houses in all conditions. With hardly any effort, Carrie had the money for her son’s college fees and David was able to launch his business. They were both very pleased with the outcome.

How We Can Help

Whether you need to sell an inherited property, get out of debt or are relocating, we can help. Even if you have little or no equity in your house, we can work with your situation. Just imagine, within 48 hours we can get you an offer on your property. In 28 days, that is less than a month, we can have the property bought and money in your bank.
Either fill out our easy to use online form or give us a call. We can get your property sold and you will be on your way to the next big thing without going through the traditional trials of selling a home.

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Michael SmithFrom London and moved to Kent. Always had a passion for property, being able to go up, and kick the investment when it is going up or down. Joining forces with Genuine Property Buyers to bring some more marketing strategies to the table!

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