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How do I Sell My House Quickly?

Published on September 28, 2013 by Shamini Raj in News, Selling

For people who have said, “I need to sell my house quickly,” we have a solution that will help you sell your house quickly. With a quick cash sale though us, we can get your house sold and cash in your bank account within 28 days.

One of those people, Tom found himself giving us a call and asking, “How could I sell my house quickly?” He had lost his job because his employer went out of business due to the recession. Tom had gone from having a good job that paid well, to relying on his savings. Even though Tom had enough savings to support himself, he could not gamble with the burden of a house and mortgage payments while he searched for a new job.

First Tom called an estate agent and asked the estate agent, “How do I sell my house quickly?” He found out that the estate agent would not be able to sell Tom’s house quickly. It could take many months, up to a whole year to get the house sold and even then it would be at a discount. Tom could not wait that long or to pay the estate agent’s expensive fees after selling the house, for far less than its market value.

Secondly Tom looked into listing the house on the market himself. Even though he would have saved on the fees, he discovered that it could take just as long to sell the house, (probably longer) and that he would have to pour too much time and effort into selling the house. Tom found that he would still have to sell the house for a discount. He decided that neither selling the house alone or with an estate agent were economical or fast solutions.

Finally he looked up quick cash sales and gave us a call. He asked, “How can I sell my house quickly?” and we answered with, “Just fill out our online form and we will have a quote to you in 48 hours. 28 days later, we can have your house sold, your mortgage paid and money in your bank.

How We Can Help

Tom found out that we work with all of our clients and their different situations. We work with the utmost integrity and honesty. We can even buy houses that have little to no equity.

Experience the ease of selling your home with Genuine Property Buyers. Fill out our easy online form and we will get you an offer in 48 hours. We can buy your house within 28 days and you can move onto the next chapter of your life, stress free.

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