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Got questions? This frequently asked question page is where we answer them.


What are your fees?

We do not charge fees. We cover any legal fees up to £500,00. We also pay for your survey and manage all processes from beginning to end completely free of charge.
Typically, estate agents will charge you a 1% to 3% fee taken from the sale of your house. Cutting our this fee is already saving you tons of money.
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What areas do you service?

We are buying houses over all of the UK.
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Can you stop repossession?

QUICKLY. Please fill our form immediately and we will give you an instant call as we consider your case.
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If my house is in poor condition will you still buy it?

Yes, we will buy any property even is it is a bit run down.
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Why would anyone want to sell their house for cash?

Sometimes a person needs to sell their house fast. Many events can cause such a need: redundancy, debt issues, a death in the family, the possibility of repossession, poor health, divorce or they had a broken chain issue. A fast cash sale of a property is a way to lessen the stress and complete a sell much faster than through the traditional method of using an estate agent.
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How long is process of selling my property?

The process of buying your property takes 4 to 8 weeks. However, we have ways of completing the sell faster if there is an emergency.
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What a cash buyer is exactly?

Cash buyers are people who have access to finances and can quickly buy your house.
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There is a short lease on my property. Can you still buy it?

For sure; however, the offer will reflect of the length of remaining lease period.
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I am having financial difficulty. Will you still be able to help?

Certainly! If you are deep in debt and suffering from harassing creditor call, we can get your house sold at the best possible price. We can even pay your debts and pop the rest of the money into your bank account.
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How do you calculate the current market price of my property?

We do research on the current tendencies of the market and by analyzing the trends of similar past sales. Out investors pay a RICS surveyor to decide a monetary value of your property and we base out final offer off of that.
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How much will you pay for my property?

That is dependent upon a number of factors. We look at the condition of the house, and your situation. We will tailor a specific solution for you to give you a win-win deal. Usually you will get about 70% to 100% of the market value. The percentage is determined by many factors including the condition of the property, condition of the market and how fast you need to sell.
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What is my part of the work?

Absolutely none. We do everything including getting you a good solicitor to handle the legal side.
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I’ve already listed my house with an estate agent. Can you help me?

Yes, we can still work with you. Give us a call and let’s talk about how we can save you up to £3.000,00 in agent fees, or read our page: Selling a House Without an Estate Agent.
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Do you really buy any property?

As long as your house is in the UK, we will buy it. We will buy a house regardless as to why you are selling. Fill out our online form NOW and we’ll show you how easy and quick we can get your property sold.
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What is the difference between estate agent’s valuation and real market value?

The market value is the real value of your house. This is the value based on research with the Land Registry and other sources. The value given by estate agents is typically 10% higher than the real value. They do this so that you will sign up to sell your house with them. They then have you lower your list price after you have not sold your house for weeks or even months. This is a big waste of time as the house will not sell at the higher price because nobody will pay more than a house is worth.
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What can you guarantee me that an estate agent cannot?

We will get you a legal binding offer within 48 hours. This will commit us to getting your house sold even in this uncertain market.
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What if the property I wish to sell is inherited?

We will still buy it. As soon as the property goes through probate, we will buy it as quickly as possible.
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Who is doing the actual buying of the property?

Our team of cash investors will buy the property. We have vast funds that we use to buy property. Also, we work with many people who buy property professionally and various investors who can afford to quickly drop cash on properties.
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Is this confidential?

This is 100% confidential. We promise we will not tell anyone.
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What if my property is commercial or just land without a house built?

We will still buy it. If it is in the UK, we will purchase it. We buy anything from flats to mansions to empty lots.
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This sounds great. What am I missing?

You aren’t missing anything. We are purchasing your property below the value it would be on the market in exchange for the quick sale and guarantee of getting the property sold.
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