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Sell House for Cash

Published on September 26, 2013 by Shamini Raj in News, Selling

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Sell house for cashDo you need to sell your house for cash? Maybe you want to sell a house for cash so you can relocate. Perhaps you are buying a bigger house and want the funds from the house you are selling to go toward purchasing the new home. Maybe you inherited a house and you want to sell it quickly or you’re getting a divorce . You may even wish to sell a house for cash because you want to start a new business. No matter what your reason for selling is, we can help you get it done quickly.

The Peters family needed to get a house sold for cash and quickly. The house they wanted to sell was a rental property that they were tired of maintaining and dealing with tenants. Mr. Peters wanted to use some of the money from the sale to take his family on holiday to America. Mr. and Mrs. Peters had vacation time coming up and needed to not only get the money from the sale of a house, but to not have the responsibility and stress of owning the house on their minds when they went on holiday.

Mr. Peters had seen friends of his wait to get their house sold through an estate agent for many months. He also knew that no matter how long the estate agent took to sell the house, the agent still charged a large fee, once the house was sold. Mr. and Mrs. Peters had no desire to deal with an estate agent to sell a house for cash, so they called us.

We were able to get the Peters family an offer within 48 hours of them contacting us. Their house was sold in 28 days and the cash was in their bank account. Mr. Peters said that he did not know that it was so easy to sell a house for cash. The Peters family were able to go on the vacation they had always wanted to take.

How We Can Help

We know that everyone’s story is different and we will work with people in every situation. We can get you an offer for your property within 48 hours. Also, we can get your house sold in 28 days. You could have cash from your house sale in less than a month!

Either give us a call or fill out our easy online form NOW. We can even help you if you have little to no equity in your home. Get your house sold and move on to your next adventure.

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Shamini RajA Chartered Accountant turned Serial Entrepreneur who has a passion for business, finding creative solutions to problems and love inspiring others to make a difference.

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