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BereavementEven though there comes a time in all people’s lives, when a family member dies, it does not change the tragedy of losing a loved one. The loss of a loved one is heart breaking and the loss is often compounded by legal and financial obligations.

If your loved one left his or her home to be inherited by the family, often that is another headache adding to the already existing grief. Most of the time, the house is not just left to one person but to several heirs. In this case, splitting the inheritance of the house will require the house to be sold. Maybe you are the sole heir of the house, but you still need to sell it to pay the mortgage, various bills and funeral costs. No matter what your circumstances, we can help you get that house sold and give you the money quickly.

After a long illness, John and Lily’s mother, Rachel passed away, leaving John and Lily the house. Rachel had accrued many medical bills during her illness and the children had always meant for the sale of the home to go towards paying those bills; however they were never clear on how they would sell the house. John and Lily were focused on their mother and not on what they would do with her house after she had passed.

Even though Rachel’s death was expected, it still hit her children hard and John and Lily were devastated. Neither of them wanted to face putting the house on the market and waiting months to have the funds to pay for their mother’s medical bills. Through a friend, Lily heard about us and she decided to let us help her and her brother sell the house quickly. We were able to get their mother’s home sold, and they were able to pay all of the bills while still saving some of the money for their future.

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This stress-free and time-saving solution could even save your relationship with your family.

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