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Selling a House with Negative Equity

Selling a House With Negative EquityHaving no or little equity in your house is a common problem in the UK. While this may not affect you too much while you are living in your house, it may become a huge problem when selling. If you have no or little equity, selling your house for cash is not possible because you owe more than your house is worth.

Also, you are not in position to just ‘walk away’ from your house and your mortgage payments because your mortgage lender will go after you for up to 12 years after your house is repossessed! If for any reason you cannot afford your mortgage, we can help you in just 1-2 weeks by using a process called a lease option.

A lease option is perfect when you have low equity and can no longer afford to pay your mortgage. The reasons for not being able to pay your mortgage are numerous. Redundancy, health problems, relocation or other factors can cause you to fall short on your mortgage payments. If you have low equity, selling your house through an estate agent or even through a quick cash sale is simply illogical and not possible.

Here is an example of selling a house with negative equity: Your house is worth £100,000 in the current market. You have a mortgage with £90,000 left on it. If you go to a real estate agent, they will probably advise you to reduce the price to get a quick sale. If your property goes for £95,000, once the costs, fees, and remaining mortgage have been paid, you are not making any profit out of the sale. In fact, you will lose money. If you are already struggling financially, you certainly cannot afford to do this!

We have a great solution for you if you are in that sticky little or no equity situation! A lease option is where we take over the mortgage payments and all of the maintenance costs of your property. You are free to move out of your home once the paperwork has been signed, which can happen in just 7 days, and you no longer need to worry about the mortgage or any of the liability that comes with being a home owner.

Because we will take over all your mortgage payments and the responsibility of the property, we then have the option to buy that property at some point in the future. We will agree upon a price that day and buy the house when the market value rises.

Usually it takes between 3-7 years for the price to rise sufficiently. Anytime during this period we have the option to buy your house at the agreed upon price. We will cover all legal fees during this process and appoint a specialist solicitor who will act on your behalf.

This is a win-win situation with just the same results as a regular sale! We are taking care of your property, paying your mortgage, maintenance, monthly bills and all other costs. You simply grant us an ‘option’ to buy the property in the future.

This option for Selling a House With Negative Equity is perfect for people who have little or no equity and are:

If you are selling a house with Negative Equity we will buy!

Lease options are very flexible and we can tailor them to fit your specific needs. The whole process is completely free for you. We do not charge for our services. There is no uncertainty when selling with us; we will get your home sold GUARANTEED.

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