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Do it yourself

Published on February 17, 2014 by Michael Smith in Home Improvement, News

Most people are not a do it yourself expert or a building contractor. You probably do not have a degree in architecture. Hopefully, you are not a demolition expert either otherwise those pesky home repairs might meet up with some dynamite rather than a screwdriver.  Most people don’t know how to build a wall or do repairs on their homes. While you don’t need to have the same credentials as you would in order to have your own home repair TV show, you should know a few basic repairs so that you don’t have to call a professional to come out for a five minute job.

Filling in Pushpin Holes

This is a good one to know whether you own your home or are renting. When you remove pushpins and nails from the wall, a small, unsightly hole is left behind. Even if you are just moving the pictures on your wall around, the holes left in the wall can look tacky  (Yes, I did intend that pun).

To fill up those little holes, use a little bit of painting caulk. Caulk is a putty-like substance that you can spread over the hole yourself.  After you have spread a thin layer over the pin hole, paint over the putty with the same color of paint that is already on the wall.

Squeaky or Sticky Doors and Many More Squeaky and Sticky Things

Any do-it-yourself repair person will tell you to get a household lubricant oil.  If a door is squeaking, it the lock on the door isn’t working right or if almost anything else isn’t working smoothly, a little household oil can work wonders.  Please note that household lubricant oil is not always a magic fix all.  However, before you call a professional or try something more drastic, oil it up yourself.


Garbage disposals are handy little appliances that are far more convenient than throwing scraps of food away. However, if that noisy little contraption stops working, it can become very annoying. Before you call out a repair person, try a few of these tricks.

First, find the reset button on the actual disposal.  It is usually in front of the disposal unit, under the sink.  If that does not work, try plunging the sink.  Sometimes small  objects get lodged into the grinders and they will not turn.  Finally, turn off the power to the waste disposal unit, then use a short broom or other stick to see if there is something seriously jammed into the disposal.  Do not turn the disposal on while the stick is still in the drain as serious damage will be done to the unit.  (If you do turn the disposal unit on while the stick is in there, please video it. Only joking!)

Even though you cannot always do something on your own, you will find a lot of small jobs can be done by yourself rather than paying someone else to do them.  Before you take a hammer to it, try something simple.  Never try repairs on something that is dangerous or needs qualified tradesmen to do the work such as electrical, plumbing and gas work.  Filling a thumbtack hole is far less dangerous than climbing up onto the roof and replacing a loose tile!

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