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The Selling a House Process when Considering Cash Buyers

Published on October 12, 2015 by Landa George in News, Selling

The selling a house process can be a daunting one these days, as there is so much involved when it comes to selling your property. When it comes to the process of selling a house, you first need to determine which route you want to take, as there are a number of options available.

These days, sellers do have the benefit of choice when it comes to the house selling process but no matter which route you take it is important to familiarise yourself with what’s involved. This is something that can help you to make a more informed decision when it comes to how you handle the house sale process for your property.


When it comes to the process of selling a house the options you can select from include:

  • Selling via an estate agent: The traditional means involved in the selling a house process is to use an estate agent, which is what most people used to do in years gone by when selling their properties. This involves contacting an estate agent so that they can come and value the property and then they will also conduct marketing and arrange viewings for your house. They generally charge fees on a commission basis, so the amount you pay will depend on the value of your home.
  • Selling the property yourself: With advancements with the internet, more and more people have now opted to sell their properties themselves. You can now benefit from access to a wide range of resources to help you to do this, which means that you can effectively cut out estate agents if you prefer to avoid commission and fees as well as to gain greater control over the sale of your property. You will need to look at the various different means of advertising your property as well as how to handle viewings.
  • Selling to a cash buyer: A third option, which is ideal for those who want to sell their house with minimal hassle and as quickly as possible, is to sell to a cash buyer. With a cash buyer, there are no delays involved as there would be with a standard sale and you can often benefit from perks such as free valuations, speedy offers and legal services that are paid for by the other party. This has become an increasingly popular option amongst those that want or need to sell their properties quickly rather than having to go through the long winded process of a traditional sale.

Top reasons for selling to a cash buyer

While all three of the above methods are viable ways to sell your house, there are various things that you have to consider in order to determine which route is going to be the best one for you. There are many different reasons why homeowners are now turning to cash buyers in order to sell their properties rather than going down more traditional routes. Some of the key reasons include:

  • The sale is much faster with a cash buyer than through an estate agent or selling the property yourself on the open market
  • There are fewer problems and delays to deal with as there is no need for the other party to arrange a loan or mortgage in order to purchase your property
  • You can minimise on problems that may arise when dealing with other parties such as estate agents and buyers, where you may find yourself being let down at the last minute
  • It provides an excellent solution if you have already struggled to sell your property via traditional means
  • It can save you some money, as many cash buyers will foot the bill when it comes to things such as paying for surveys and legal fees amongst other things
  • The process can save you a lot of time, as you do not have to contact or deal with estate agents and viewings

The Selling a House Process in Practice!

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Steps to take when selling to a cash buyer

Selling house processIf you do decide that selling to a cash buyer is the route you should take, you first need to determine how to find a suitable cash buyer. You will find property investment companies that are able to offer cash for your property but it is imperative that you find one that is reputable and has a solid background in property investment, as if you end up with a rogue investor you could end up facing severe problems. You should therefore make sure you do your research and look at things such as testimonials from others that may have used the company to sell their own properties. This will provide you with vital peace of mind as well as protection.

Once you have identified a suitable cash buyer for your property in terms of being an established and reputable company, you need to see what the company can offer. Obviously, if you are going to a cash buyer you will want a fast and effortless sale so make sure this is something that the company is able to provide. This could include anything from providing free valuations and offers within a short space of time such as 48 hours through to paying the legal fees in order to help minimise costs your end.

If you are happy with what the property investment company offers in terms of inclusive services, you should then make an enquiry so that you can get a valuation and offer on your property. This is something that you can do with speed and ease online. With an established company you should get a response pretty quickly, so you will be able to make an informed decision without delay once you know how much you are able to get for your property. One thing you should bear in mind is that while you will generally get lower than the market price on your property when you sell to an investor the reduction can often be offset against the money you might end up wasting if you decide to hang around and see whether anyone purchases your property on the open market. It is therefore important to balance the pros and cons so that you can decide upon the best course of action.

Once you have made your online enquiry to the property investment firm, you should have an idea of how long it will take for them to respond – this is something that should be detailed on the enquiry form so you won’t be left hanging around indefinitely for an answer. When the investment company or cash buyer contacts you, they will most likely be in a position to make you an offer on your property as they will have had time to look over your details and carry out any necessary research. Depending on the company you choose, you may have to arrange a survey but many investors will sort this out themselves saving you the time, money and hassle of having to arrange it from your end.

Another thing you should look at is the level of support that is offered by the company you choose, as this is something that is important for those who have never had to go through this process before and will most likely need advice and assistance.

Once the investor or company contacts you with an offer, you then have time to decide whether this is something that is viable for you. Always look for a company that offers a no obligation quote, as the last thing you want to do is end up feeling pressured into make a decision.

A simple but effective solution

While the house selling process generally tends to be a complicated and lengthy one, this is not the case when you opt to sell to a cash buyer. The whole process is simplified when you take this route, and all you need to do is contact the investment company so that you can get the ball rolling. Because a reputable company will never put you under any obligation or pressure, this is a route that is always worth exploring if you want to sell your home as quickly as possible.

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