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How to Reduce Your Electricity Bill

Published on June 8, 2015 by John Stringer in Home Improvement, News

As many people are well aware, the cost of energy usage in the UK has rocketed over recent years. The big six energy providers have hiked up prices over and over again, leaving household facing crippling bills when it comes to gas and electricity usage.

When it comes to electricity prices, many people are eager to find ways in which they can reduce electricity bill, as the cost of electricity usage can put a real dent in the pocket. My own friend, Lucy, was horrified last year when her energy provider hiked her electricity bill up from £30 per month to over £70. However, she did make some changes, some of which are outlined below, and she did manage to lower her bills!


Some key ways to reduce electricity bill

If you are fed up of having to pay a fortune because of the high electricity prices charged by the energy companies, there are some steps that you can take in order to reduce electricity bill. One key thing to bear in mind is that a huge number of us are guilty of leaving our appliances on standby all the time. However, by actually switching them off at the plug when not in use, the average household could save £30 per year. Another example is the tumble dryer, which can use a lot of electricity. By simply washing clothes and then hanging them out to dry rather than tumble drying, you could save yourself an impressive £139 a year on average.

If you are particularly concerned about being hit with high monthly or quarterly electric bills, another solution is to look at have a prepayment meter. While these can be higher in terms of cost per unit of energy compared to direct debit prices, many people find that it is far easier to budget and that they actually become far more conscious about wasting energy when they are keeping their eye on a meter. Lucy, the friend I mentioned earlier, decided to go for a prepayment meter and she got into the habit of checking her meter every couple of days and finding way to make the electric balance last longer. She’s now fastidious about turning off lights and making sure nothing is left on standby when not being used.

Of course, you need to also remember that while energy prices on the whole are high there can be a significant difference based on the provider that you go with. It is therefore well worth looking at switching to a different provider, as your monthly or quarterly bills could fall significantly by doing this. Using a comparison site makes this a quick and easy process, which means that you won’t have to invest huge amounts of time to ring around or browse a wide variety of websites in order to get information on prices. Even if you do not switch to another provider, it is worth looking at whether there is a cheaper tariff than the one that you are already on with your current energy supplier.

Being more mindful

A key part of reducing electricity bill is doing what Lucy did and just being far more mindful about wasting electricity, which is something that the vast majority of us are guilty of doing. Simple little things like leaving lights on in rooms that are not being used or leaving the computer on when it’s not in use can make a big difference over time. Just make sure that you get into the habit of switching things off and try not to use costly electrical appliances if there is a more cost effective and simply solution, such as drying your clothes on the line instead of the tumble dryer.

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