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Improve Your Home and the Environment with a Deal to go Green

Published on June 1, 2015 by Aude Seynt Martin in Home Improvement, News, Property Investment

Over recent years, more and more of us have become far more conscious about the damaging effects of our actions on the environment. As a result, many have become more interested in doing their bit for the green cause through even the smallest steps such as ensuring that lights are switched off when not in use, walking instead of driving, recycling, or using only the amount of water required to make drinks or bathe.

All of these little things can make a huge difference if we all get involved, and the commitment of many households to go green over the past decade has certainly helped to make a difference.


Another way in which you can do your bit for the planet is by looking at environmentally friendly ways to improve your home, and this is something that you can do through the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund. This is a specialist fund that has been designed to encourage and help homeowners to make energy saving home improvement to their homes and many people have already benefitted from it. My own sister, who has always been something of an eco-warrior, decided to opt for this fund and this has enabled her to not only do her bit for the environment but also make big savings when it comes to her energy bills.

How does the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund work?

The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund is very simple and enormously helpful to those looking to improve their homes and become more energy efficient. Money is tight for many people these days and this can hamper their efforts to make improvement to the home that could ultimately cut the amount of energy that they use. However, with the green deal fund, more of us can access the invaluable improvements that will help the environment and cut our energy usage.

In a nutshell, those that make energy saving improvements to the home may be able to claim back money from the government, as the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund is a government backed scheme. As part of the programme, you could claim back up to £1,250 towards the cost of the installation of a number of energy saving solutions. This maximum amount is towards the installation of any two of the following energy saving solutions:

  • The replacement of single glazed windows with double or triple glazed ones
  • The installation of a condenser gas boiler on mains gas
  • Replacement of external doors with energy efficient ones
  • Installation of secondary glazing
  • Insulation of floors or cavity walls
  • Insulation of flat roofs or any rooms in the roof
  • The replacement of a warm air unit
  • Installation of a heat recovery system for waste water
  • Installation of storage heaters that are fan assisted

It is also worth bearing in mind that if you apply for the Green Deal Funding within one year of buying your home, you may even be able to qualify for an additional £500 in funding. Another thing that you should consider is that you can claim £100 towards the cost of a Green Deal assessment as long as your installations and improvements are in line with the recommendations made by the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund.

What you need to qualify for the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund

It is important to ensure that you qualify for the Green Deal programme if you are considering making energy saving home improvements to your property and you want to ensure that you can claim money back towards the cost of the work that is carried out. Don’t just assume that you will be able to get money back and go ahead with getting works carried out without first confirming your eligibility. There are certain criteria that you will have to meet in order to make sure you qualify for this fund. This includes:

  • The property that you are making improvements to must be in England or Wales, must be a residential property and has to be one that you own or that you live in
  • You need to be able to demonstrate that you have either an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) or a Green Deal Advice report for the property. Whichever one of these it is, you must ensure that it is no older than two years
  • You must ensure that you are making an application for improvements that are specifically recommended in your EPC or Green Deal Advice report
  • The installer that you use in order to carry out the works must be registered with the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund
  • You must not be getting any funding or grants for the same improvements via any other schemes

You should also make sure that you read the terms and conditions of the Green Deal programme (PDF) carefully before making your application, as this will also help you to determine your eligibility for the scheme.

Landlords are also allowed to apply for funding via this scheme, although there are certain additional restrictions in place. As a landlord, you must not have received more than £160,000 of public funding over the previous three financial years. Tenants who are in social or private rented accommodation are also able to apply for this funding, with the money going back to the person paying for the bulk of the improvements.

Why make energy saving improvements to your home?

Given the amount of money most people invest when it comes to purchasing a home or even on renting a home, it is little wonder that most want to make improvements to keep the property well maintained and comfortable. Making improvements that help to save on energy will help to achieve both of these goals along with offering addition benefits. Being able to get a helping hand through this fund is something that can really benefits those who might otherwise be unable to afford to have this type of work carried out.

Most people have seen their energy bills rocket over recent years as a result of price hikes from the ‘big six’ energy providers. This has had a crippling effect on household finances for many, sparking fresh interest in ways to try and cut back on energy usage and bring down these sky-high bills. Many of the improvements that are on the list of approved works as part of this scheme will help to reduce the amount of energy that is used in the average home, and this in turn means that you can bring the cost of your energy bills down sometimes quite considerably. For instance, having your single glazed windows replaced with double or triple glazed ones will help to retain warmth in your home, which means that you will not have to use as much energy to keep your house warm.

In addition to this, these are improvements that can help to improve comfort levels in your home, which can improve quality of life for those living in the property. Again, improvements such as double glazing or insulation will help to keep you home warmer and this makes it more comfortable. This is another key reason to consider having some of these improvements carried out as part of the scheme.

Finally, there are also the environmental benefits that have to be considered when it comes to carrying out energy saving home improvements, as you will be able to avoid using unnecessary energy as a result of having the work carried out. The ability to get money back when you have these work carried out in adherence to the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund guidelines is an added bonus and has helped to encourage many people to have this type of work carried out on their homes.

Making your claim for funding

The actual process of making a claim for this funding is very simple so once you have done your research to make sure that you are eligible for making a claim for works carried out you can get started on the application process. Your first steps is to make sure you get either a Green Deal assessment carried out on your home or that you have an Energy Performance Certificate that is under two years old. You then need to find a Green Deal installation professional that is registered with the GDHIF.

You should get a quote for the work that you require from the installer after which you can make your application for the Green Deal voucher. Once this has been done and approved, you can get the work complete and upon completion ask the person that has carried out the installation to complete the rest of the voucher. All you need to do then is submit it in order to claim your money back. However, do be mindful that there is an expiry date on these vouchers so you do need to ensure that you get your claim in before it expires.

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