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10 Ways to Make Your Conservatory More Usable and Enjoyable

Published on December 14, 2015 by Landa George in Home Improvement, News


Conservatories simply make your living space full of life. Do you have this type of an extension in your home? A lot of people, who are about to design their houses raise the question whether it would be worthy to invest for a conservatory addition? Well, what do you think?

Basically it extends our living area. We can use it either as a dining area, studying area or for any other purpose. It is a fabulous place for some peaceful family time. Apart from that do you know that it adds a real value to your property too? A splendidly build conservatory would be a great help if you are looking to sell a house quickly to property buyers. As it provides additional space for your work, and as with that extension the place would look more luxurious and pleasant, it surely would increase up the value of the house. It would also be ideal for mind relaxing as you can sit and experience the natural lightening. Meanwhile, why not grow some plants and make it look more fresh and young? All of these make the conservatory a divine place while adding a considerable value to your property.

Would you abandon this lovely extension during the winter? Can’t we arrange it so that it gives so fantabulous experience in summer as well as in winter? So that it would serve the purpose throughout the year, not only at one season.

One way for this is creating enough heat. For this you could use an electric heater. What is important is for that you should have an electric socket for this task. The unbearable cold inside would fly off and you would be quite warm and comfortable just as in summer. Also if you want, by lighting some sweet scented candles too, while getting some more warmth, you can make your conservatory a heavenly, lively place.

Insulating or preventing the heat from escaping is the other essential thing to do. After the warm air is generated, if heat escapes in no time, the whole thing would be useless. Therefore proper insulation would be very helpful. At the bottom of the doors, we can use some insulators such as draught excluders. Putting on heavy curtains too would help a lot in insulating. Another important check is the quality sealing in windows. These insulating materials and techniques can undergo certain damages, so keeping an eye on them regularly is essential too.

Flooring is another aspect which strongly affect in keeping the conservatory insulated. Warm floor covering should be chosen for winter. Concrete floor absorbs a lot of thermal energy. Therefore covering it is important. If you use tiles, using one with a higher PEI rating would perform what you expect more efficiently. Also laying wood or carpets is another good idea. Checking the conservatory for damp is one important thing to do prior to using carpets.

Well, how about in summer? You can open the doors and windows of course. But apart from that? You can use a solaroof which blocks the sun’s energy. Along with the harmful rays, this would minimize the heat entering and would let you stay much cooler during the summer too. This type of a roof also provides protection to your furniture, keeps you and your skin safe from the harmful rays and makes you a really pleasant environment.

Do You Need Planning Permission for a Conservatory?

You can make this space a splendid family room by arranging it the way you like. Choose comfortable sofas and a coffee table to your conservatory and make it a lovely place, so that the little family parties can be held in there. Simply make it an entertaining room where you can enjoy the nature, read a book or play a little.

Or another graceful idea would be a kitchen extension. It would be so much useful. When hosting large parties, it would simply be great. If so, when designing the place, artistic architectural features should be considered and should make the best out of it. Glass sliding doors and angled windows would match the idea marvelously.

The space can be arranged in a handy manner where the appliances can be kept. Those are the stuff needing for washing and other domestic purposes .In other words simply a utility room. Arranging it in an eye catching way would make you feel pleasant about it too.

The conservatory undoubtedly is a place everybody likes to spend most of the time. Natural lightening pouring through the beautifully designed windows and doors would make the mind feel calmer. So it is ideal for a breakfast room. If so, the furniture should be selected accordingly. Light colored furniture would be fascinating. The chairs do not need to be huge. The total breakfast thing should not overpower the whole conservatory. So the chairs can be small yet cute and light in color. Matching in that way would give you a pleasing glamour to the whole space.

Can’t you have it as an office room? It would be a quite productive idea. Then you would be separated from the home area so that it would be ideal to have business calls, meetings and so on. You would have your own quiet and calm environment while getting all the luxuries too as it is located just next to the home.

Another idea would be a children’s playroom. With pretty colorful paintings, you can convert the conservatory into an ideal children’s room. As it is placed separately, they can have their own time and their noise would not be a burden to you as well. With night sparkling stickers on the ceiling and with their toys arranged in there, that extra space could be used much effectively.

It would be helpful as a storage room as well. The book shelves, CD racks can be kept in this space. Some people keep their cabinets with family photos, trophies and other memorable ornaments in here. All these are improvements that you can have in your conservatory making that space really a useful one. It would therefore be pleasant, and importantly usable. Because you invest a considerable amount for this and if it just stands there with no use, your idea for glamorous usable conservatory would not become a reality at all.

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