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Do You Need Planning Permission for a Conservatory?

Published on May 25, 2015 by Danko Puskaric in News, Property Investment

We all like to make improvements to our homes, as these not only help to improve our quality of life and comfort levels when at home but can also help to increase practicality and even boost the value of the property. There are many different types of home improvements that you can consider and one of the popular options is the addition of a conservatory.

When you have a conservatory built you can look forward to more space in your home as well as a great place to entertain and relax. A properly installed conservatory can also add aesthetic appeal to your home and add to its value in the event that you decide to sell in the future. However, before you can look at having a conservatory built you first need to determine whether you need planning permission.


Finding out about planning permission

It is important that you do not start your conservatory installation or make any arrangements until you have found out whether you require planning permission otherwise you could end up wasting a lot of time not to mention a lot of money!

As the owner of the property or land, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that building regulations and planning rules are adhered to. In order to avoid penalties that could range from fines through to demolition of the work carried out, it is important to make sure you are abiding by the rules by looking into whether planning permission is necessary. According to experts, around 60 percent of conservatories will require planning permission so this is something to bear in mind when you are considering having this type of work carried out.

Getting conservatory permission may not always be necessary of course, but it is important that you look into it before you get started on any work. Some of the conditions whereby you might not need to get planning permission include:

  • The conservatory does not take up more than 50 percent of the land that surrounds your original property
  • The conservatory does not face any road
  • The depth on your conservatory (if your property is detached) is not more than 4000mm
  • The depth on your conservatory (if your property is semi-detached) is not more than 3000mm
  • The extension is not higher than the highest part of the roof
  • The height is no more than four metres
  • There are no raised platforms, balconies or verandas
  • The property is not a listed building

DIY or professional installation?

One of the things that you will need to do when you are considering having a conservatory built is decide whether you are going for professional installation or DIY. Some people, including a friend of mine, decide to do it themselves because they have the necessary building skills or have skilled friends that can help. If this is the route that you are going down it is essential that you do your research and speak to the local authority’s planning department in order to find out whether you need to make an application for planning permission based on the information that you provide to them.

On the other hand, you might decide to opt for the former option of getting someone to install the conservatory for you. It is vital that you use an established and reputable provider if you decide to take this route, as they will have the necessary knowledge and will do the legwork for you with regards to whether planning permission is required. However, do make sure that you use a bona fide company that is regulated as otherwise you could end up with a cowboy builder who builds your conservatory regardless and then disappears off the face of the earth leaving you to face the wrath of the local authority for putting up a conservatory that actually did require planning permission!

In addition to being up to date on current planning and building regulations, thus knowing whether or not you will need to apply for planning permission for your conservatory, there is also another key benefit of using an established company to install your conservatory. This type of home improvement can offer many benefits as long as it is done properly, as otherwise it could end up being an eyesore that actually takes away from the value of your home rather than adding to it. By making sure you use an experience professional you can make sure that the work is carried out to high standards.

Staying on the safe side

Local planning officer british councilWhen you are investing in an expensive and important home improvement project such as the installation of a conservatory, it is always best to be on the safe side. Remember, even if you know a friend who may have had a conservatory built some time ago and didn’t require planning permission, legislation does change. This means that in order to be certain it is well worth speaking to your local planning officer at the council. This will provide you with not only the information that you need to determine whether or not you require or will receive planning permission but will also mean far greater peace of mind – after all, the last thing you want is to spend thousands of pounds on a conservatory only to then find that it has to be demolished because you failed to get planning permission.

In the event that you do require planning permission because you do not meet the conditions set out in the regulations, you will need to get the planning department to send out an application form. This will ask a number of questions enabling you to provide the necessary information that the planning department requires in order to make their decision. Of course, you do need to bear in mind that even after you have completed your application for planning permission with the local authority you may not actually be granted permission but the disappointment of not getting planning permission of way less than the disappointment of putting up a conservatory regardless and then having it demolished!

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