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Natural Ways to Protect Your Home from Pests

Published on June 29, 2015 by Ryan Taylor in Home Improvement, News

We all like to think of our homes as our havens, but unfortunately they are sometimes at risk from a number of different things. From criminal damage and storm damage to flooding and electrical faults, there are various things that can cause problems in the home. Another major issue that can cause problems is a pest infestation.

There are various different pests that could end up causing havoc in your home, with some more common than others. It is well worth learning more about the more common ones as well as how you can put pest protection into place. Pest protection can come in a variety of different forms and if you don’t feel confident about dealing with the problem yourself you can also turn to specialists that deal with pests.

Some common pests that may invade your home

There are a number of common pests that you may experience problems with within your home, which is why you may want to find out more about how to protect your home from pests. Some of the more common infestations come from pests such as:

  • Wasps
  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Fleas
  • Bedbugs

As anyone who has ever been infested with one of these pests will know, they can cause a lot of problems not just in terms of stress and hygiene issues but in some cases even in terms of damage to the property. The faster you are able to get rid of your pest problem, the better. This means taking action as soon as you realise that there is an issue.

Some methods to get rid of these pests

There are a number of natural methods that you can use in order to rid your home of pests such as these. Some of these include:


If you use a traditional poisonous spray, you could be putting other animals at risk – for instance, if a pet eats a dead wasp that has been poisoned in this way. However, you can get organic and natural insecticide spray, which will enable you to get rid of the wasps without putting pets at risk. Some people also use dishwasher soap with a sprayer in order to saturate the nest and get rid of the wasps. It is also an idea to hang a false nest outside your home, as wasps do not tend to build their nest next to another nest.


When it comes to mice, you can use something as natural as peppermint oil, as this is a natural deterrent. You can soak cotton wool balls in the oil and place them around the home, particularly in areas where the mice appear to be going. Another thing you can do is place kitty litter in the area where you have the problem, as the smell of car urine will put the mice off and they may then head elsewhere where there is less danger.


As is the case with mice, using smells such as peppermint oil and cat litter with cat urine in will help to stop the rats from running amok in your home. You need to determine the points of entry for the rats and place the products close to them. Seal off as many of the entrance points as you can but leave one open so that they can escape to pastures new rather than trying to create new holes in your walls or being trapped.


BoraxIf you have pets you may find yourself facing a flea infestation. In order to avoid using chemicals, you can sprinkle salt or something called Borax on the carpets in your home. Once the fleas have dried out you can then vacuum – this normally takes a few days in total. The salt or Borax will dry out the fleas when they come into contact with it.


In order to get rid of a bedbug infestation, you need to make sure you strip the bed and get the bedding washed in very hot water. If you have other items on the bed that may be infested such as clothing, make sure you do the same with these. You can then use a natural pesticide in order to treat the infested areas and those surrounding them. Before you do this, however, use the narrow pipe on your vacuum to clean up the whole bed including any nooks and around the headboard.

By making sure you use natural methods to get rid of pests, you can reduce the risk of any harm coming to any people or pets in the household yet you can still rid you home of unwanted pests.

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