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Buying a house from an ordinary woman’s point of view

Published on November 19, 2014 by Aude Seynt Martin in Buying, News

Back in my college days I lived with my roommate in a 30 square flat, in the strict centre of the capital. It was a tiny place for the two of us, and we desperately needed an extra room for all our girly stuff that we didn’t really need but still collected daily like posh hamsters.

Now, I don’t mean to sound like I’m generalizing, but a lady needs her space. And her space needs to be exactly what she had imagined long before.

A house for a woman is not just a place she sleeps, or keeps her things in. A house is a proof of life. She will persist as long as it takes to find the property of her dreams. If she settles for anything less, be sure remodelling is in order, or you will be house hunting again sooner or later.

Just to give the guys a heads up, this is a list compiled from personal experience as well as observation of other members of the fairer sex of possible new home requirements:

An extra room

For whatever she wants to use it for: Storage for winter clothes, shoe room, exercise/meditation room, multipurpose room, or perhaps a room she will never open in a century – what matters is that it’s there.

A bathtub

Like in the movies: She pours a glass of red wine, lights up the candles and enjoys a hot bath for a few hours. Let’s face it, a shower just isn’t as enjoyable as the way you can enjoy soaking in revitalizing salts and oils. Yes, the bathtub is a must.

Friendly neighbours

Women are friendly creatures. Especially with the neighbours. If the company next door fits the profile of her definition of lovely, polite and talkative people, you just might earn yourself a veto on one of her house demands. This is not a pointless demand in any sense. Having good neighbours, analysed by your woman’s sixth sense, will bring you a comforting fact that living where you live will never give you a headache on the account of the neighbours, and will also bring community value to your life.

Beautiful façade

How can she possibly live in a house that looks like a wrack? Even if the interior resembles those from a home decor magazine, a poor facade will be a poke in the eye and a sour taste in the mouth every time she walks in and out of the premises. Rest assured that she won’t even step in to check out the potential of the inside of the house/apartment if the building exterior is uninviting.

These are the essentials of finding a dream home, no need to mention that the alphabet has 22 more letters, and they are all included in the list. So, if you both prefer not to waste your time searching for the perfect home, and want to avoid arguments and disappointments, it is highly recommended that you sit and discuss everything you expect from a new home. Set a list of what is important for her and what is important for you, and what will be important in the future according to your future plans. After all, buying a home could possibly be a once in a lifetime experience, and you want it to be thrilling not exhausting for both.

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About the author
Aude Seynt MartinAude Seynt Martin is an ex French corporate lawyer with a Master Phil in Property Law. When she came to London, Aude gave up her career as a Lawyer to be involved in property. Having studied the market for more than two years and worked with very experienced landlords and professionals, Aude is now a Property Consultant, whose motivation is to come up with creative solutions to help overcome any property related situation.

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