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Category: Property Investment

Sold Property Prices

Many people make the major mistake of determining the value of their property by looking at “properties for sale” in ...
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UK House Prices

The last 24 months or so have been a roller coaster for UK house prices, particularly those outside the South ...
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How to Avoid Inheritance Tax

The Dreaded Inheritance Tax! Unfortunately, this is one item that I and my siblings have had to consider carefully in ...
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Capital Gains Tax on Property

As you may well imagine, the question of Capital Gains Tax on Property is highly complicated, particularly if you own ...
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Commercial Property Prices in 2014

When I first started to collate material for this article, I was a little bit disappointed to find that the ...
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House Prices Forecast 2014 – 2019

I think everyone will remember the meteoric rise in house price prior to the collapse of the financial markets worldwide ...
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Important Aspects of Property Law You Should Know!

Over the years, the enhanced enforcement of existing Property Laws with regards to rental property, means that a tenants rights ...
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5 Things You Should Know About Property and Divorce Laws!

In the early 1980s, I was technically married to the same girl 3 times, in 6 weeks and in 3 ...
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The Effect of Rising and Lowering Interest Rates on Mortgage Rates

The variation in mortgage rates over the past few years has greatly contributed to the current dramatic economic situation within ...
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Grants and Government Loans for Home Improvement

There are many house owners and tenants throughout the United Kingdom who are not aware of the various Government Grant ...
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What are your landlord responsibilities?

A landlord is someone who rents out property or lodging. When one refers to a landlord, most people are referring ...
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Big No Nos When Financing a House

Let's talk about the scary part of buying a house. Financing is probably the most stressful part. Not only is ...
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