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Paint a Picture, or a House

Published on February 7, 2014 by Shamini Raj in Home Improvement, News

Paint on the exterior of the home is much more than just a way to create a pleasing look.  Paint protects the siding of the house from environmental wear and insect invasion.  Without paint, your house would need repairs quickly.  As important as paint is to protect your house, a great color is always preferable.  After all, if it must be done, might as well have an awesome looking house.

Start With a Good Base

Your house is your house and you are free to scream your personality literally from your rooftop. Painting your home pink with purple polka dots or zebra stripes is up to you, but I recommend a more common color.  The first step when deciding what color to paint your house is to take a look at your neighborhood.  After looking around, decide if you want to fit in or stick out.  Also, make sure that there are no neighborhood ordinances against any colors that you might be interested in using to paint your house.

Blue is a great base color.  Light blue can easily be accented with any other color. It can also mask dirt effectively and it is pretty on a house.  A light yellow is also a good color to choose.  Green, both a forest green and a more pale form of green, can look both classy and fun.  Tan, beige, off white and other plain colors are safe although boring.  In the right area, a more bold color like red or a brighter blue may actually look good.

Accent You Heart Out

Accents can add a little personality to an otherwise plain color.  Reds, black and even colors like purple and orange can be excellent ways to give your house a unique look.  Multiple colors can be used as accents.  So, make your house trim and accented.

On a More Practical Note…

When deciding what color of paint to use, also take in consideration the type of paint used to paint the house. Consider both the quality and function of the paint.  Different paints will be better in different types of weather.  Most importantly, of course, is the quality of the paint. Consider the long run.  If one type of paint costs £1,500 and it lasts 10 years before it wears out and another kind of all over paint costs £2,000 and lasts 20 years, which is ultimately cheaper?  Just because something is cheap does not mean it is cost-effective.

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