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House Hunting For Geniuses, Dummies and Everyone In Between

Published on February 20, 2014 by Shamini Raj in Buying, News

When looking for a house, you should not just buy the first house you see. The prettiest colored house in town is not necessarily the best home for you. Just because the price is right does not mean the location, state of repair and specs of the house are right for you and your family. Many people do not consider some of the most important factors when picking which house to buy. However, a little attention to details and some research will help you pick the correct house.

Always Take Measurements

Before you even start looking for a house, you need to decide how many rooms and how much space you want. If you have a family of 5, getting a 2 bedroom house is not a good idea. On the flip side, a 5 bedroom house for 2 people is likely to be a waste of space, barring the need for offices and workrooms. In addition to this, do you want big rooms or are you ok with smaller rooms? If you have a lot of possessions, a house with small rooms may be a little uncomfortable. Additionally, consider the layout of every house you view. Imagine a living room that has a fireplace in the absolute worst place.  How will you fit your sofa, chairs and television aesthetically into the room? Never forget to take everything into consideration when deciding on what house fits the size of space you need.

Where Are You Going to Be?

Now that you know what size of house you want, consider where you want to live.  Avoiding crime-ridden areas is always preferable, especially if you have children, disabled or elderly family members. Do your research. The internet is your friend…  Google baby!  Additionally, look at how far away the house is from your normal life. Will the location of the house be too far away from your place of employment? Will the house be far away from your children’s school or daycare?  How far is the house from your favorite bar? Do not forget to take everything into consideration, even the smallest of details.

The Big One: Cost

Size, location, and everything else is great; however, if you can’t make the mortgage payments you can’t keep the house. Money is tight for many of us. Don’t stretch your budget beyond what you can handle. A roof over their heads will not fill your children’s stomachs. Do not only consider how much money you make monthly but also make sure you will have enough money left over after the mortgage payment to cover emergencies and any additional bills.  Life is good at messing up plans.

When buying a house, you are also buying a home. The home is for you and probably other family members. Always consider all factors and take your time when looking for a house. The extra time that it takes to find a house is worth not making a mistake that will haunt your life for many years to come.

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Shamini RajShamini: A Chartered Accountant turned Serial Entrepreneur who has a passion for business, finding creative solutions to problems and love inspiring others to make a difference.

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