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Big No Nos When Financing a House

Published on March 18, 2014 by Danko Puskaric in Buying, News, Property Investment

Let’s talk about the scary part of buying a house. Financing is probably the most stressful part. Not only is it the deciding factor of if you can even purchase the house at all but financing can be difficult to understand. Luckily many people have gone through the drama of financing a house and can offer advice on how to get it done. Everyone makes mistakes. However, when it comes to things like getting a mortgage, there is no need to make huge mistakes because there is enough advice out there to help buyers know what they should avoid.

1. Not looking for a mortgage that fits your financial situation.

Jumping into the financing arena without knowing thyself first, so to speak, is foolish and will land you problems. Before you look for a mortgage know what you can afford. Remember, you will still have your other bills after you get a mortgage. The children will still get sick and need to see the doctor, the cell phone bill will still have to be paid, you will still have to pay your television license, the pets will still need vet visits and any other expenses will not just magically go away because you have an expensive mortgage. Factor everything thing. Do not forget to leave room for emergencies.

Everyone who is buying a house has a different level of income and financial responsibilities. Just because a bank offers you the mortgage does not mean it will be good for your situation. Understand how much you can pay and what kind of a loan the bank will be willing to give you. When you are shopping for the house, make sure that you keep within your budget. You won’t be very happy if you lose your dream house to foreclosure because you can’t afford it. Also, be aware that the lower your credit score the higher your interest rate will be. Try and find the best mortgage for your credit score.

2. Skipping over the fine print.

Sometimes a loan company will try and offer a loan for “free”. Be careful to look out for scams. Those “no cost” loans usually have astronomical interest rates. If you have to pay closing costs in exchange for a lower interest rate, do it. The interest rate will last for the entire 15 to 30 years you will have the mortgage but the closing fee is a onetime cost. Read over all of the terms. The last thing you want is to promise to do something you are unwilling to do. While a mortgage company will not ask for your first born child, it may seem that way if you ignore the fine print and sign something that demands things you don’t want to give.

3. Not doing your homework.

Hopefully you would not buy a car without reading product reviews on that model. You should likewise not make a deal with a mortgage company without reading about other people’s experiences. Nothing is worse than finding out that a mortgage company is a scam after it is too late. Ask the lender the hard questions. If they are legitimate, they will happily answer them. Never go with a lending company whose agents act offended that you would ask any questions or who do not know the answers. Also just as with everything else, if it is too good to be true it most likely is a scam. No interest for 6 months could mean an insanely high interest rate later. Check on the Which site to make sure that the company has a good business rating. Don’t be the fool.

Do your research. Don’t just jump into bed with the first bank mortgage in the Google listings. Look at reviews, read the terms and really understand what the fine print is saying. If other customers are saying that a company or bank treated them poorly, avoid doing business with that organization. Online reviews are the best way to know what products are good. For goodness sake, read the fine print. A mortgage isn’t the privacy agreement on a website; it is a big deal that will follow you forever. If you do not understand any wording in the financing talk, look it up and figure out what it means. Don’t feel bad if you do not understand everything right away. If you’ve never gotten a mortgage before how could you already know the terms?

4. Decide if you want a fixed rate or adjustable rate mortgage.

A fixed rate mortgage will have an interest rate that will never change. Your monthly payment will always be the same. The great thing about this is that if interest rates go up, you do not need to worry. However, if interest rates go down, you might be stuck with a higher rate. An adjustable rate mortgage has an interest rate that changed around. The rate is usually lower the first few years. This is great if you only plan on having the mortgage for less than 10 years.

Getting a new house is exciting. However, with anything new come new unexplored territories. Don’s shy away from getting the house you want just because mortgages are crazy complicated things. Just do some research and understand what is best for you.

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About the author
Danko PuskaricDanko is IT professional with big passion about properties from young age. He is based in Manchester where he actively investing in properties and helping others to sell their houses.

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