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Can I Sell My House to the Council?

Published on October 26, 2015 by Aude Seynt Martin in News, Selling

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Selling house to councilSelling a property these days can be very difficult, and this can pose a real issue for those who need to sell up quickly for one reason or another. A traditional estate agency sale could result in your property being left on the market for some time, which all amounts to time, money and stress for you if you are eager to sell due to financial issues or because you have already found a new property that you want to purchase. This is some people ask the question ‘can I sell my house to the council?’

How can I sell my house to the council?

Can I sell my house to the council

If you want to find out whether you can sell your house to the council the first thing you would need to do is to contact the housing department or development team at your local council. We all know that council and social housing stock is low these days, with many people keen to rent and not enough houses to go around. However, on the other side of the coin funding for local authorities has been slashed over recent years by the government, which has a big impact on what councils can do when it comes to buying and developing new properties.

Funding and spending can vary from one local authority to another and policies can also differ between different councils. This means that their policies on purchasing properties will also vary based on factors such as their needs, their funding, and their policy with regards to buying property from homeowners. The location of your property and the type of property it is will have an impact too, as councils are often looking for properties in particular areas and of particular types based on demand from potential tenants. Some local authorities may consider buying back council properties that were purchased previously by the homeowner but may not be interested in other properties.

Even if your local authority does buy private houses, you may find that the process is a lengthy and complicated one. It is also very unlikely that you will get anywhere near the market value for your home, as councils simply cannot afford to do this. So, you could still find yourself facing delays due to red tape while also reducing the amount you get for your property quite dramatically.

Is there another solution apart from selling my house to the council?

If you want to simplify the whole process and you are looking to get your property sold as soon as possible, opting for a cash buyer sale is a far more viable solution. You won’t face the same complications or delays as you would with the council and you can get a quote on your property in a matter of days. There is no red tape involved, which means that a cash buyer can take the property off your hands in next to no time, leaving you free to move on without the worry of having an unsold property that you are still having to make payments on.

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Aude Seynt MartinAude Seynt Martin is an ex French corporate lawyer with a Master Phil in Property Law. When she came to London, Aude gave up her career as a Lawyer to be involved in property. Having studied the market for more than two years and worked with very experienced landlords and professionals, Aude is now a Property Consultant, whose motivation is to come up with creative solutions to help overcome any property related situation.

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