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What Documents do I Need to Sell My House?

Published on November 30, 2015 by Ryan Taylor in News, Selling


Selling a home can seem like a daunting task, but it does not have to be. With the right information at hand selling your beautiful home to a new owner can be accomplished relatively quickly with little fuss at all. The key to selling a house quickly is to have all documentation ready at any given time. Many people may have the desire to sell their home, but lack the documentation to accomplish the task. Here are some of the documents that will help you effectively sell your home.


There is little way that you will be selling your home if no one can tell the value of the property. Documentation of the current value of your home gives potential buyers insight into exactly what they are buying rather than them having to go strictly by aesthetics. For proper documentation a written estate agent valuation document or a RICS survey and valuation report must be made available to potential buyers.

Click here to find a RICS Home Survey provider in your area.


It is stated that a picture is worth a thousand words and in selling homes that statement holds true. Documentation needed to sell a house has to contain some form of image of the home. Some will focus on the outside of the home, but proper documentation needs to have photos of both inside and outside images of the home from multiple angles.


Just as important as a photograph is a description of the home and property. The description is a supportive piece to the photos. A documented description will be able to allow people to gain a virtual view of the overall property and allow them to make an informed decision as to whether they want to view the property or not.


The layout of a home can be a deal breaker for many homeowners. Having documented floorplan available for view can help people decide if they want to view the property. It can also allow for potential buyers to have a bird’s eye view as to any wall s that may need to be removed or how the overall flow of the home is.


Like running a business, marketing will be a factor in the ease of selling your home. It is important to get the image of your home into the minds of potential buyer and keep it there. A well designed flyer containing all vital information on the home can take your selling ability to an entirely new level. Place flyers at strategic locations with heavy foot traffic and make all information clear and readable.

Inquiries and Viewings

When gathering the paperwork needed to sell a house take the time to allow for those viewing the home put down their contact information. The information gathered needs to contain the potential buyer’s name, address, phone number, and the time and date they viewed the property. In addition they need to provide their position as a buyer, whether they will be purchasing the property, selling a property, paying cash, or working through a mortgage company. This information will allow the seller to see who he or she is attracting and how they may improve the perception of the property to future viewers.

Negotiation and Accepting of Offers

Negotiation is part of any property sale. Among the documents needed to sell a house is a document stating the proposed offer on the home and should the seller accept the offer there needs to be documentation of that as well. It is necessary to keep a log of all offers should an offer fall through at any time during the process the seller can re-negotiate other offers in order to sell quickly.


A solicitor has to be appointed to make sure the sale is accomplished in a legal fashion. The solicitor must be provided with all documentation of the final sale including listed price, negotiated price, and all contact information of those involved in the sale. You will also have to provide the solicitor with a memorandum of sale document.

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The paperwork needed to sell a house can seem like a lot, but the point of selling a home is to do it as quickly and efficiently as possible and with proper documents in the proper places the home will sell quickly. We at Genuine Property Buyers are always on the lookout for homes to purchase and would love to purchase yours. Click here and fill out the form on our website and allow us to give you a free, no obligation quote today on the purchase of your property. All these documents are not necessary while inquiring an offer, but they will be helpful if an investor gets in touch with you. Give us the opportunity to make your home selling experience easy one by purchasing your home for a deal that will satisfy both our needs.

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