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Top 7 Reasons Why Sellers Hire a Good Property Solicitor

Are you considering selling your property and wondering whether it is worth the cost of hiring a good property solicitor? ...
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7 Ways to Increase the Value of your Property

At long last, property prices are starting to rise all across the UK. In some areas the rise may be ...
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Selling Property at Auction

I have spent over 18 years of my life working overseas. On the first occasion, I had a reasonable amount ...
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Selling a House with Sitting Tenants

Back in the days of old when I was at University in London, one of my biggest challenges was finding ...
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How Do Estate Agents Get Paid?

When I was a lot younger and looking to buy my first property, a small one bedroom flat, I came ...
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Separation of the Property in a Divorce

In the majority of divorces, the biggest issue to resolve insofar as matrimonial property is concerned is that of the ...
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Top 5 tips for a property sellers

Top 5 Tips For a Property Sellers

Shamini: Ed is an investor from East London and runs the whole of the Canary Wharf Property Investors Network and ...
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Important Aspects of Property Law You Should Know!

Over the years, the enhanced enforcement of existing Property Laws with regards to rental property, means that a tenants rights ...
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5 Things You Should Know About Property and Divorce Laws!

In the early 1980s, I was technically married to the same girl 3 times, in 6 weeks and in 3 ...
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Things to do When Selling a House

When it is time to sell your house you need to make a few decisions before you sell it. Sometimes ...
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Tips on How to Sell a House Quickly

Selling a house is a big undertaking. No matter why you are selling your house, there are many decisions to ...
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Quick House Buyers

You've probably heard of quick house buyers but what are they? How quickly do quick house buyers actually buy houses? ...
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